Mic's Chilli

TMC001 Inferno Sauce Junior 1 12 x 165g
TMC002 Inferno Sauce Lite 2 12 x 165g
TMC003 Inferno Sauce Original 3 12 x 165g
TMC004 Inferno Sauce Extreme 4 12 x 165g
TMC007 Mixed Inferno Sauce (1234) 12 x 165g
TMC009 Mixed Inferno Sauce (12) 12 x 165g
TMC010 Mixed Inferno Sauce (34) 12 x 165g
TMC005 Sweet Chilli Sauce 12 x 275g
TMC006 Chilli BBQ Sauce 12 x 275g
TMC008 Mixed Sauces 12 x 275g
TMC011 Of Foam & Fury Chilli Sauce 12 x 155g
TMC012 Naga Knockdown (Private Collection) 12 x 155g
TMC013 Trouble in Trinidad (Private Collection) 12 x 155g
TMC014 Voodoo Reaper (Private Collection) 12 x 155g
TMC015 Mixed Case Private Collection 12 x 155g

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