Flour, Bread & Mixes

Dunany Organic Flours   CASE SIZE  
Organic Wholemeal Flour Fine Ground                            10 x 1.5kg
Organic Wholemeal Flour Extra Course   10 x 1.5kg
Organic Spelt Flour   10 x 1.0kg
Organic Rye Flour   10 x 1.0kg

The Zingy One- Lemon Drizzle Cake Mix 9 months 12 x 370g
The Gooey One- Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mix 9 months 12 x 490g
The Cheeky One- Carrot Cake Mix  9 months 12 x 410g
The Rustic One -  Seeded Brown Bread Mix 6 months 12 x 425g
The Chewy One -  Six Seed Flapjack 8 months 12 x 385g

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