Meats, Charcuterie, Salmon & Tuna

Shines of Killybegs SHELF LIFE CASE SIZE  
Shine's Irish Tuna 4 years 12 x 227g

Smoked Chicken 30 days 400g
Smoked Duck 30 days 150g
Organic Smoked Salmon 21 days 100g

Gubbeen Smokehouse SHELF LIFE UNIT  
Salami 80 days 100-150g
Chorizo 80 days 100-125g
Pepperoni 80 days 70g
Wild Venison Salami 80 days 115-160g
Fresh Chorizo (Cooking) 80 days 120-135g
Bacon Unsmoked 32 days 125-160g
Bacon Smoked 42 days 125-150g
Streaky Bacon Smoked 42 days 125-170g

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